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Volunteer At Safety Town

Updated: May 30, 2017:

We are full for the 2017 Summer Sessions!  Thank you for your interest!

General Rules for Volunteers:

1. You must be able to attend the mandatory training on the Thursday prior to the first session of Safety Town at Lewis Rec Center. 

2. You must be able to download the application, fill it out completely, do as it says, and mail it in with a self addressed, return, stamped envelope. This is the only way to apply to be a volunteer. If you do not follow the steps or forget the self addressed, stamped envelope - you are automatically rejected.  If you do not sign the agreement, you are rejected.

3. You must be able to attend all of the days in the session you apply for.

4. You must be able to put your cell phones down and focus on the campers during the sessions. Cell phone usage will not be tolerated during sessions.

5. You must have transportation to and from Safety Town

6. You can volunteer for more than one session - you just need to be able to attend all of the days in your session.